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It's time to stop trying to tackle challenges alone.

Invite assistance in achieving your goals, discovering your purpose, and unlocking your true potential.

Compassionate Navigation for Life's Journey. Where your voice and presence matter.

Compassionate Navigation for Life's Journey.

Where your voice and presence matter.

Why engage with Compassionate Navigation for Life's Journey?



Yearning for a safe, non-judgmental, compassionate environment to express your thoughts, emotions, and experiences openly, 

 Feeling the call for change and are eager to embark on a new journey,

 Craving to break free from the Status Quo of everyday life, 

 Feeling stuck in repetitive patterns or unable to progress toward your goals,


In need of reconnecting with your inner strength and resilience, 

   ​Committed to creating the best version of  yourself,


   Transitioning through a career shift, relocation, relationship transformation, or any other significant life change, 


Seeking a harmonious balance between your personal life, work, and overall well-being, 


On a spiritual journey, to explore deeper aspects of themselves, find purpose, and cultivate inner peace,


Eager to cultivate meaningful interpersonal connections,


 If you are ready to embark on a transformative journey toward a more empowered and fulfilling life, my coaching services will equip you with a roadmap for success and a toolkit of effective strategies to propel you forward. I create a safe space for defining aspirations, cultivating meaningful change, developing new habits, and accessing your inner wisdom. You will learn how to discover your strengths, use creativity to approach challenges positively, and become more in tune with your thoughts, feelings, and physical sensations to improve your well-being.
Let's unleash your full potential together so you can create a life that's as extraordinary as you are!

Safe, non-judgmental, compassionate environment to express your thoughts, emotions, and experiences openly.

Compassion - This is what compassion does: it challenges our assumptions, our sense of self-limitation, worthlessness, of not having a place in the world. As we develop compassion, our hearts open. - Sharon Salzberg


My Services


Life Coaching 


Equus Coaching


Relationship - Centered Horse Training

Meet Amelia

Hi, I am Kasia Roether

As a professional:
- I am an Equus Coach and Master Equus Facilitator.
- I am a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) through the
  International Coaching Federation.
- I am a certified Grief Educator.
- I am a Certified Monty Roberts
 Instructor of Join Up®.
- I am Center for Equus Coaching Instructor.
- I received training from Martha Beck Wayfinder Life Coach         program,
David Kessler, EAGALA, PATH, and Hospice SLO.
- I am a co-founder and facilitator for a non-profit Life Coaching      With Horses 5

As an individual:
- I embrace the concept that every experience, irrespective of its   nature, possesses a unique potential for personal growth and   development.
- Being an adventurer, I view the world as a boundless treasure   chest filled with infinite possibilities, wonders, and the   breathtaking beauty of nature. I am constantly inspired by the   vastness of this world and its myriad of landscapes, cultures,   and people.
- I have a deep passion for horses and take great pride in my   knowledge and expertise. I have spent countless hours studying   their behavior, anatomy, and care, and I eagerly continue
  to learn more about these magnificent animals. I believe horses   are intelligent and empathetic creatures with much to teach us   about ourselves and our worl
- I am a seeker, always looking for new and exciting ways to   connect with myself and the world around me. I find exploring   different perspectives and considering alternative options   beyond conventional foundations supportive of one’s growth.
- I am inquisitive and open-minded and enjoy engaging in   meaningful conversations with people from all walks of life.

As a human:

Throughout my life, the significance of being acknowledged and valued by others has been a profound part of my personal journey.  From a young age, I yearned for validation and understanding from those around me. The struggles of feeling unseen and unheard led to moments of self-doubt and isolation. Yet, amidst these challenges I also experienced moments of triumph as I sought out and built connections with others, sharing my joys and vulnerabilities. Through my struggles, I learned that being fulfilled goes beyond seeking validation from external sources; it is about embracing my self-worth and finding strength in vulnerability. Today, I have grown to understand that while being valued by others is essential, it is equally vital to see myself with compassion and acceptance. I recognize the significance of a safe and non-judgmental space during self-discovery, personal growth, and building authentic connections with others. My experience with horses taught me that  acknowledging, understanding, and respecting the nature of these beautiful animals is paramount to establishing a mutual relationship. These principles carry over to my work as a professional life coach where I directly apply lessons from my life and equine interactions.


Mniejsza notka.jpeg

“I have come to know Kasia Roether as both a highly talented equine professional, life coach and a very dear friend. I first met Kasia in 1997 while working together at Flag Is Up Farms for the well-known equine clinician, Monty Roberts. A few years later I invited Kasia to explore the Martha Beck life coach training. Confirming my intuition, Kasia thrives as a life coach. Her natural openness and kind heart help put her clients at ease. She is deeply insightful, wise, and humble. Kasia is a rare individual. She is a true friend, an incredible teacher, an insightful certified life coach, and an extraordinary horsewoman. I’m truly honored she has chosen the support and teaching of the Koelle Institute of Equus Coaching®.”

- Koelle Simpson, founder of the Koelle Institute of Equus Coaching®


I am looking forward to hearing from you!

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Central Coast, California, USA

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